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    Comic's first disabled vet action hero created by vets!

    Click to view larger painting From Gerry Kissell, the artist of IDW's BEST SELLING graphic novels CODE WORD: GERONIMO and IRON SKY, as well as Xbox's digital graphic novel ALAN WAKE with over one-million copies distributed, comes the new action filled combat intensive crime thriller VINDICATED, INC.

    VINDICATED, INC. comic series created and drawn by Gerry Kissell, and is written by best selling author Shane Moore, Gerry Kissell, with Robert Scott McCall, Eric Hutchins, and Ernesto Haibi. Comic script supervision by Dale and Julia Dye of Warriors, Inc.

    Kurt Yaeger to be in Vindicated live action project Currently not only is the comic book being created, but a live action film is being developed simultaneously with the comic, being co-produced by actor Kurt Yeager (Sons of Anarchy, Tenderloin, A Dolphin's Tale)

    Keep your eyes on this page for updates.

    Vindicated Art
    Get a sneak peek at the first pages of the graphic novel, with art by Gerry Kissell.
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